Why should I get a WordPress website for my business

WordPress website development Charlotte NC is something we are very proud of. However, we offer service throughout the world. You see, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. It’s easy for a beginner to use and has great documentation on how to set it up. Because of its flexibility, there’s an endless number of plugins available that can be used to add functionality not included with WordPress itself. Depending on what features you need for your website, there may be an option available for you.

WordPress can also make it much easier to keep your website up-to-date and performing smoothly. With a simple plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast, you can easily optimize the content of pages on your site to rank better in search engines such as Google and Bing. You’ll have more flexibility to add new pages to your site, update existing pages, and even create a blog that allows you to publish content that keeps people coming back.

WordPress website development Charlotte NC

What are the benefits of using WordPress to build my website

If you have a small or medium sized business where initial costs are the biggest concern then WordPress is ideal for you. Custom websites like this can be very expensive to commission but WordPress sites are a lot cheaper and can be built in a shorter time. Limited budgets mean that businesses need to start small and grow as they get larger but because everything is editable on WordPress you can add pages, design elements and functionality as your business grows without having to pay for more expensive custom work.

How many pages would i need for my WordPress website

This is a difficult question to answer. For most small businesses 3 to 4 pages should be adequate. You may like the idea of having just a landing. However, there is no point in any WordPress website development Charlotte NC at all if no one will ever find it online, right? Thusly, you need consider the SEO benefits of having more pages and even a blog. This is how your business will gain revenue online. Good SEO will bring in traffic from search engines like google. Still, no 2 businesses require the same treatment. If you are just starting out or simply wish to only create the foundation now, then our 5 to 10 page starter website package may be right for you. See our current 5 to 10 page starter website design package end of year special here. We can help you decide what those pages need to be and build an idea around the aesthetic together.

How much does does it cost to develop and maintain a WordPress site

WordPress themes typically cost between $50 and $100. However, we do recommend spending more if you can afford it because the final product will be top quality. As with anything, if you want a high quality template then expect to pay slightly more for it. Commissioning an agency to development and design a custom PHP theme even within a CMS like Magento or WordPress can vary in cost. Still, the average price range for this project could be $5,000 to $50,000. The wide range is due to there being a so many variables to consider within website development. No company has the same needs. Thus, no company’s website will need the exact same level of time or elements. Still, typically if you need designs for multiple pages then you will probably land on the further side of this range. Templates aren’t the only expense though. Regardless of theme used, you still need custom development and support which is where the support of a developer really comes in handy.

Developing a professional website can cost thousands of dollars so it’s important that your chosen developer has experience with WordPress and knows what they are doing.

Who should I get to design my WordPress website and what do I need from them

WordPress is easy enough for beginners to use so you might be able to save money by doing it yourself. Although there’s a lot of software available to create websites, we highly recommend investing in a professional developer. These can be developed with pro coding, to be flexible and easy to customize, without the need for complex coding skills, after the development period. If you get a high quality expert then you will also save time and money because it is guaranteed to look great and be fully responsive across all devices. We at Cirrus Marketing offer wordpress website development Charlotte NC.

Why choose Cirrus for your new WordPress Website Development Charlotte NC?

We at Cirrus Marketing offer small businesses in Charlotte NC website development services that allow them to get on top of Google. However, our customers range from Las Vegas and Florida all the way to South America. Yet, we find the time to provide that “local” feel of care and attention to detail. If you are tired of managing your own website or hiring an intern, then we can help! Our effective tactics will make sure you’re directly in front of your customers when they search for your product or services online.

Once we receive your signed proposal, our development team will begin work on your new website and start to implement the keywords you provided us with, which are directly related to your industry. We use a variety of techniques that give you the best chance at ranking high in Google Search Results. Once we complete each page of content, we go on to the next. We also build out your social media profiles and email accounts, so you can manage it all in one place.



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